Blue -N- Gray Farm

Address: 2476 Biglerville Road
City: Gettysburg
State: PA
Zipcode: 17325
Phone: 717-778-2182
Website: Website Title
Farm Owner: Kara Cook
Farm Manager: Daniel Cook
Services Offered:
  • Boarding
  • Layups
  • Mare Care and Foaling

We are a 35-acre farm centrally located to Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania race tracks just off of Highway 15 in Gettysburg PA, 20 miles north of Maryland. Our normal stalls are 12X12, they are matted, we use Streufex bedding. Each stall has it's own light, electrical outlet, fan, and much more! We have a large 12 X 36 tackroom. We also offer a hot/cold 12X12 wash stall. Owner and manager live onsite for 24/7 access and care as needed.

We offer broodmare care, lay-up care, retirement care; as well as, daily to monthly boarding services.  Go to for additional information!

Located in: Mid-Atlantic Farms
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Email Us or Call us at 410-252-2100 for Questions Involving Payments, Billing, Subscriptions, and anything else you might need.