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 The website OwnerView ( was developed to encourage Thoroughbred ownership. Recently OwnerView announced a new service called the OwnerView Host that offers personal guidance and direction to new and prospective owners about the fundamental aspects of Thoroughbred ownership. 


Any new owner can contact an OwnerView Host to discuss their ownership plans and to learn about important ownership topics such as:
·        Why it is important to have a business plan
·        What are my ownership options?
·        Understand the common costs and expenses of owning a racehorse
·        Why owners have advisors and how to go about selecting an advisor(s) if you choose to retain one – (Process of identifying prospective advisors, not who to select)
·        What are the various purchase options
·        What states have state incentive programs
·        What to know about licensing
·        Are there tax and insurance considerations
·        What happens to my horse when it retires - aftercare
·        Other resources available to you
Should you know of a prospective new owner to our sport, please refer them to OwnerView to make full use of the website and Host service.  Many owners have said when they began as new Thoroughbred owners they felt our sport was like a board game that came with no instructions.  We believe the OwnerView website and new Host service have bridged that information gap. 


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