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Mercedes-Benz uses the slogan, “The best or nothing” for its marketing in the United States, but probably didn’t have our February Past Time photo in mind.

The 1937 image from A. Aubrey Bodine showed a homemade horse trailer attached to a classic convertible. As always, there’s more to the story and we received this from reader Julie Colhoun:

“It was with much amusement to our family to see Father’s [Janon Fisher Jr.]trailer and Mercedes-Benz parked at what could be the Manor Races. Sister Margie MacNeille remembers the car and trailer well. The trailer was homemade and painted in his colors?–blue and gray. The Mer­cedes was a favorite and Margie recalls that it was not fun when the super­chargers kicked in. Perhaps his passengers were Blockade [three-time Maryland Hunt Cup winner] and Espadin, in 1937. The Mercedes had a large thermometer on its hood to warn of overheating. It would cause quite a stir to see this duo on the road today.”



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