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Stallion Farm Standing YOB Color Sire Dam Damsire Fee Phone
Il Villano Xanthus Farms 2009 gr/ro Pollard Do the Wekiva Wekiva Springs $1500 717-624-2835
In the Woods Xanthus Farms 2004 gr/ro Forest Wildcat Shiner Two Punch $1000 717-624-2835
Southern Success Xanthus Farms 2003 ch Dixieland Band My Success A.P. Indy $1000 717-624-2835
Victory Isle Xanthus Farms 2005 ch Spartan Victory Misty Isle Digamist $1000 717-624-2835
Xixixi Xanthus Farms 2011 b Maimonides Littleprincessemma Yankee Gentleman $5000 717-624-2835

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